Homemade Doughnuts

*Call for any specialty designs or flavors – all prices subject to change

Standard Doughnut Flavors (Glazed / Cinnamon Sugar / Chocolate Frosted / Chocolate Sprinkles):
$12.50/Half Dozen or $25/Dozen (Pre-Order Pricing*)

Assorted w/Premium Options:
$15.00/Half Dozen or $30/Dozen (Pre-Order Pricing*)

Mini (Glazed, Cinnamon Sugar, No Filled):
$4.50/Half Dozen or $9.00/Dozen (Pre-Order Pricing*)

Gluten Friendly (2 week notice – ask what flavors can be done):
$18.00/Half Dozen or $36/Dozen (Pre-Order Pricing*)

*All doughnuts in shop are priced individually

Banana pudding – Filled with a banana custard, dipped in our vanilla glaze and topped with wafer cookies- filled
Boston Cream – Chocolate glaze filled with a vanilla custard- filled
Cannoli – Ricotta cream filling, topped with chocolate chips and powdered sugar- filled
Chocolate Frosted – Chocolate glaze not filled
Chocolate Sprinkle – Chocolate glaze with rainbow sprinkles not filled
Cinnamon Sugar – rolled in a cinnamon sugar mixture – not filled
Coconut Caramel – Caramel dipped and topped with toasted coconut- not filled
Fig & Goat Cheese – a whipped goat cheese filling with fig preserves
Glazed – our take on a classic with our vanilla glaze- not filled
Maple Bacon – topped with maple glaze and bacon
Raspberry Jelly – Sugar rolled doughnut filled with seedless raspberry jam

Seasonal Doughnut Flavors

Apple Cobbler – Apple pie filled doughnut topped with a caramel glaze, and crumb topping
Dulce Banana Pudding – Filled with a banana pudding, topped with a dulce de leche glaze and crumbled Nilla wafers
Pumpkin Cheesecake – Filled with a pumpkin cream cheese icing, topped with a cinnamon glaze and graham cracker
S’mores – Marshmallow cream filled, topped with chocolate icing, graham cracker crumbs and toasted marshmallow